Tuesday, October 1, 2013


How to create motion vector pass using maya's mv2DToxik

1. Create RENDER LAYER for the moving/animated object.

2. Apply SURFACE SHADER to object and change the color of your choice; this is just so we see something when we load it in comp.

3. Go to RENDER SETTINGS/PASSES tab. Hit the Create Render Pass icon and look for 2D Motion Vector.

4. Associate the pass

5. Next, hit the Quality tab next to Features. Scroll down and look for the Motion Blur dropdown menu.

6. Select FULL

7. Set Shutter OPEN and CLOSE to 0

8. Under Motion Offset, check the Custom Motion Offsets, make sure that both values of Motion Back Offset and Static Object Offset are in 0.

9. Under Framebuffer, look for the DATA TYPE and change it to RGBA (Short) 4x16 Bit.

10. Once all the changes are made, go back to MOTION BLUR and change FULL to OFF.

11. Next, look for the OPTION TAB right next to InderectLighting tab. Look for PERFORMANCE and check FORCE MOTION VECTOR COMPUTATION.

12. Then your done, you can now hit render.

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